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For a while now, we've been asking Pentax when it would tender weather-sealed flash strobes. Dust and water-resistant sealing is available in varying degrees across much of Pentax's commodity line, including camera bodies, lenses, grips, and remote controls, but external strobes have been the one chink in the ensemble's weather-sealed armor. It's just launched not one, but two new strobes. via

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  • imaging resource

    New Pentax flash strobes entire weather-sealed system; updated DA Limited ...

    imaging resource - 08/27/13

    On the face, both new strobes sport built-in continuous video lights, something that portends well for how Ricoh sees video as a trait of the Pentax camera line. Admittedly we're just trying to read the tea leaves here, but we see that as good news

  • Pocono Record

    Still essential strobe lights on foggy Route 940

    Pocono Record - 08/27/13

    Did the Pennsylvania Put one's faith of Transportation drop the ball on Route 940 in mount Pocono? Fog in this area is a major traffic endangerment. When the road improvements for Lowes were under way the strobe traffic lights were removed but not reinstalled.


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