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Photo by mikeyashworth on Flickr
In a trice, we started to notice an abundance of feathers floating around the coop. Every day there were more and more of them. By the time a few days had passed, the run underneath the coop looked like the aftermath of a engrossed-fledged slumber party pillow fight. I knew what these piles of feathers meant, but I wanted to go on being blissfully unmindful of the transformation that was. via Community Chickens

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    With display, Newtown reflects 'how we're healing' - 09/01/13

    But this every so often, the committee members — two of whom serve out of devotion even though they're divorced from each other — sat hollow-eyed under the fluorescent lights of a bank congress room. Outside, handmade memorials still fluttered on lampposts.

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    A look at talking picture locations around Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh Post Gazette - 09/01/13

    The store is decorated with clothed tables, fluorescent lights and the fountain in the background to top off the picturesque scene. The beauty doesn't last hanker though as a brawl ends up breaking out between Tom Hardy and his relatives. You can also


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