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Photo by Lynn Kelley Author on Flickr
Constructed from snow and Amazon chunks of ice harvested from the Torne River, the world-famous Icehotel is a high-end lodge- cum -art installation in the Arctic outpost of Jukkasjärvi that’s frequented by jetsetting gastrophiles with clever... via

Latest News

  • New York Times

    Rethinking: Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

    New York Times - 11/20/13

    The endure apartment I lived in was a certifiable fire hazard. It was mostly my The Protect (which went on sale Monday both online and in certain retail stores, and costs $129) is certainly a tremendous improvement over any smoke alarm I've ever lived with

  • Gizmodo Gizmodo

    Authorities Made the Swedish Ice Hostelry Install Fire Alarms

    Gizmodo - 11/17/13

    Swedish officials, on the other handy, are on top of the situation and recently manadated that Icehotel, in the town of Jukkasjärvi, install fire alarms just like any other hotel or residential edifice. And Icehotel is politely complying. Because it's


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