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I get an email notification every all at once a comment appears on my blog. even when I'm the one doing the commenting (like when I respond to your comments). It never fails, and I mean NEVER - I'll be commenting away, and see that my inbox tab is showing I've received a new email, and established enough, I click over to see who sent me something only to see that it was created by my comment. fool me once, shame on you - fool me a. via My Journey to Fit: A Fifty-Something's Weight Loss Journey

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    Rent to Own? It Could Payment You Big Time

    AARP News (blog) - 11/15/13

    9666034500_558be96890_n As the respite shopping season gets under way, you may be tempted to buy that fancy flat-screen TV, a laptop with the latest technologies or a stylish sofa to substitute the one your cat uses as a scratching post. (I'm talking to


    Interdict Friday 2013: Full-page Walmart, Target, and Sears Black Friday 2013 ads - 11/12/13

    Their most suitable deals include 50% off on a Kenmore 25-cu. ft. refrigerator for $1299 (pg. 1), small kitchen appliances like round mixers and toasters starting at $4.99 (pg. 25), and $12.99 jeans for the whole family (retail up to $39.00) (pg. 1). You can


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