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Did you be versed that just by unplugging your plug at the wall (not at the connection for your mobile phone) can save you money. Believe it or not even if you have your charger plugged in to the infuriate but not into your phone it is still pulling electricity. This is just one of the fun facts I found regarding how to save energy. And the energy you use to heat and cool your home is a. via A Beautiful Life

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  • Boston Globe Boston Globe

    Fist generator can make blackouts more bearable

    Boston Globe - 11/11/13

    For prototype, a refrigerator often requires about 600 watts and lights 60 to 200 watts. And the fuel shutoff on all tested gasoline models lets you run the motor dry to draw gas out of the fuel system to keep it from fouling parts if it degrades

  • Triple Pundit

    Erection Code Revision Launches California Toward Zero Net Energy Buildings

    Triple Pundit - 11/11/13

    Advert-in loads like computers, mobile phones, tablets, TVs, refrigerators, lamps, etc. have grown to represent at least one-third of the intensity consumption in a commercial or residential building. To address the growth in plug-in loads, Title 24


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