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Then using a third of a cup, (thirds) slowly add the withdraw/butter mixture, and carefully toss until all incorporated. DO NOT OVER STIR/TOSS or it will be very mushy. It should have a fluffy arrival. We probably added 1 1/3 cups of the milk mixture. Don’t be worried if you don’t use all the milk mixture, you probably won’t need it all, but that’s okay because it’s tickety-boo saved for the mashed potatoes. Wash and cut your potatoes into. via Our Journey to Natural

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    Frozen turkey no aim to cancel Thanksgiving

    hays Post - 11/24/13

    The entirely best way to thaw a turkey is in the refrigerator. But, Johnny was right– if you don't get it in the refrigerator soon enough it won't completely thaw using this method. It takes 24 hours of thawing at all times in the refrigerator for each 5 pounds of

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    Baggarly: Turkey talk

    Macon Telegraph (blog) - 11/18/13

    Ignore the bird in the original packaging and place in a shallow pan and allow refrigerator thawing time at a rate of 4-5 pounds per 24 hours. To thaw in chill water, keep turkey in the original packaging, place in a clean and sanitized sink or pan and


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