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Pros Tough audio performance at moderate-to-high volumes, especially on tracks lacking intense sub-bass content. Ships with immure charger and international outlet adapters. Cons Distorts on deep bass tracks at high volumes. Highly sculpted complain signature not for purists. Bulkier than most portable speakers. Bottom Line The. via www.pcmag.com

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  • PC Magazine

    Klipsch Gig

    PC Magazine - 12/31/13

    Includes speakerphone functionality. Ships with separator charger and international outlet adapters. In other words, the rounded rectangular contour, with its built-in, swivel stand that allows for distinct speaker angles, is portable in the sense that

  • ITWorld Canada (blog)

    Be modified: Keeping your Android alive when things get complicated

    ITWorld Canada (blog) - 12/30/13

    Profuse new cars come with USB charge ports already built right in; those that don't often have a cigarette-lighter-style 12V outlet. There are plenty of economical 12V-to-USB adapters out there…connect your phone's charge cable, and you're on the road


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