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red alberta heritagepark coaloillamp
Photo by Colleen Maier on Flickr
I invent many, if not, all of us have said it and or thought it at one time or another, maybe even wished it, delighted in the facts which we imagined, of just how badly the object of our yen had to be doing without OUR love…which they... How badly, the one we wanted, but that didn’t want us surely must be doing without all of our pure and devoted love, because after all no one, but no one, could possibly for ever love them the way we loved. via Just Michelle Renee

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    Greene County Daily World - 11/15/13

    A gala program, "Oils of the Bible" will be presented from 10 am. to noon at Trinity Lutheran Church, 1759 E St Hwy 54, Linton. All is welcome to attend this inspiring look at Biblical Prizes value $300 and include a variety of benefaction cards


    Revitalize Phila. energy hub - 11/13/13

    In 1907, the Atlantic Refinery burned 350,000 tons of coal to grow oil and oil derivatives that accounted for nearly one-fourth of Philadelphia exports, including half the world's lamp oil. These legacy assets deportment the basis for the new


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