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A non-fluctuating method to make ends meet is ending TV watching. You’ll be less sensitive to advertisements that guilt you into lavishing your earnings and put the mentality of lavishing your earnings to validate your actuality or other expensive thoughts that unintentionally deviate from what is correct into... But on the brighter. via New Business Checks

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    Bertie Bulb strikes again to advance low-energy light bulb recycling

    Hub 4 (press release) - 08/24/13

    A low-energy light bulb on a serious energy mission to recycle, Bertie Bulb is the mascot of specialist recycling scheme, Recolight, and is in the spotlight again, appearing in a new online video to pressurize how easy it is for households to recycle their

  • Forbes

    Glenn Beck Vows To Energy Employees For Buying Fluorescent Bulbs, Recyclables

    Forbes - 08/28/13

    The light bulb wars got started in 2007 when President Bush, well-known socialist/communist, passed the Energy Independence and Security Act, which outlined new efficiency standards for bulbs. Under the standards, stuffy incandescent bulbs would be


Compendious fluorescent lamp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A terse fluorescent lamp (CFL), also called compact fluorescent light, energy-saving light, and compact fluorescent tube, is a fluorescent lamp designed to put back ...