What Can Thomas Edison Inform about Us About Success (through Failure ...

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Folding happens. It happens all the time, to everyone, and sometimes can have a bad effect on us depending on the way we react to it. Failure, like many other things, is something we have got acclimatized to through the years. The greatest example, when it comes down to failure, is the American inventor Thomas Edison. He failed more than 10,000. via Let's Reach Success

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    Thomas Edison, inventor of the fiery light bulb, famously replied to a question about whether he was a failure because he had failed to find the right combination of materials for a light bulb after 9,000 attempts: “Why would I lean to like a

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    Thomas Edison was known for “proactive obstinacy” with his long series of experiments leading to the invention of the light bulb. Consider prospecting. They repeat the process, leading to a string of failures. If they stuck with one plan


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