Seething Up

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  • Utility Products Utility Products

    Utility supplies: Low voltage two-foot extended LED work light

    Utility Products - 09/23/13

    This LED drop empty-headed is also fitted with an inline transformer that drops 120-277 VAC current down to low voltage 12 VDC, making this drudgery light also suitable for applications requiring low voltage operation. Approved for Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2

  • ThomasNet News (press release)

    LED Travail Light is designed for hazardous loacations.

    ThomasNet News (press release) - 09/05/13

    This LED drop match is designed similarly to a standard fluorescent drop light, but offers greatly improved performance and durability owing to the inclusion of a 15 watt LED tube lamp instead of the usual fragile fluorescent tube. This stumble produces


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