INARAY Alfresco Lighting brings holiday lighting to Va. Beach ...

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Photo by Landscape Design Advisor on Flickr
18, 2013 – INARAY Alfresco Lighting, known throughout Central Virginia for specializing in landscape lighting installation for homeowners and businesses, has expanded its service area to the Virginia Lakeshore region. This expansion brings hassle-free, custom-fit holiday lighting for Christmas and Hanukkah to area residences. INARAY’s festival lighting team has a long history of providing custom holiday lighting displays. via Richmond BizSense

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    Lights, ladder, demeanour

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    Furlough Lights. Jacob Madden, an employee of Custom Holiday Illumination, puts colored lights inside a across for Jason Christenson to wear when he climbs a ladder and places the bulbs along the rooftop of a house in Medford. Buy this photo · Furlough


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