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Skyscraper husbandry has been a thing of futurists’ fascination in recent years. As the world becomes more urban and crowded and a host of environmental challenges put more demand on existing crop land, it’s intuitive that indoor farming might someday play a bigger role in feeding city populations. A Minnesota start-up coterie is sprouting past these. via www.midwestenergynews.com

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    Minnesota startup lowers lighting account for indoor farming

    Midwest Energy News - 09/11/13

    Garden Unorthodox Farms' innovation: the orbiting garden, a system of hollow, steamroller-sized cylinders with an axle of lamp down the center that gives basil and other plants precisely the right amount of growing light while wasting precise few lumens.

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    Indoor Plant Tips For Gardeners

    BoldSky - 09/24/13

    When you are port side with no choice but to grow your favourite plants indoor, you need to follow mandatory gardening tips so that you grow luscious plants. Indoor plants are at But for an indoor garden, fluorescent lights is just about enough. But


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