How San Francisco's new entrepreneurial civilization is changing the country. - New Yorker

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Photo by Chiot's Run on Flickr
The way to fulfil up with Johnny Hwin, one of the best-connected kids in San Francisco, is to stand at the garage door of a small repair rat on in the iffy section of the Mission District and dial his cell phone until it stops ringing into voice... This takes a while, off, because Hwin silences his phone and forgets about it. In the meantime, there’s a lot going on at the corner—commuters edging by with messenger bags, shirtless men in. via

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  • New Yorker New Yorker

    How San Francisco's new entrepreneurial background is changing the country.

    New Yorker - 10/07/13

    When you at the end of the day fall into his sight line, you might get a high five and a low-key welcome (“Hey, man”) before being shuttled through a gate and up a dingy plane of stairs illuminated by a snarl of Christmas lights. This is an art-and-tech collective

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    Escape L'Amour on Lola Lo

    Reading Post - 10/08/13

    The outside terrace at Lola Lo is a lovely little space, with fairy lights and lanterns twinkling in the straw roof overhead, and it was excellent for a warm September night. We got chatting to Ben who said he was having pre-wedding drinks with friends


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