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Written from the annual smithfield beef accumulation spring breeze of Portugal. Camp after four days and gradually smithfield beef group start to be found, at least the filch päiväunirytmi if not more. This time, the camp is a place in Vila Real de Santo Antonio, and after all, it is the perpetual variation of Monte Gordo, which, however, is 2. 5 km away. via smithfield station menu

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  • SU The Daily Orange (subscription)

    Beer Bites: Dogfish Gourd Palo Santo Marron

    SU The Daily Orange (subscription) - 09/04/13

    The Palo Santo right away tasted like alcohol. I should have guessed that, but it was a surprise in the worst kind of way, like when one of your roommates fills up a top-grade bottle with vodka, puts it in the fridge, then forgets to tell you it's not

  • Pacific Daily News

    Freshness is key to making the defeat eggs ever

    Pacific Daily News - 08/21/13

    Upon the eggs in the fridge, making sure that you never store them in those convenient egg molds in the door. Because the door opens continually, items Jojo Santo Tomas is a foodie, food writer, barbecue and kelaguen champion and former restaurateur.



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