Hermana Megan Fowers : Christmas lights... on palm trees...

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Photo by Heather Quintal on Flickr
Far people are starting to get ready for Christmas. :) haha because you know, palm trees aren't complete without Christmas lights. and turns out people set up their big Christmas trees on the lakeshore. :) Maybe if it were actually cold I would feel like it is Christmas time. and a little girl saw a picture in the Liahona of Lorenzo Snow and consideration it was Santa Claus. :) haha 'Papa Noel' "Y"- we made cookies with her. via Hermana Megan Fowers

Latest News

  • Los Angeles Times

    90-foot Christmas tree arrives at Newport Careen's Fashion Island

    Los Angeles Times - 11/08/13

    Over the coming weeks, 4,000 poinsettias will be placed throughout the shopping center and 129 palm trees will be wrapped in festival lights. Seven massive ornaments ranging from 90 to 400 pounds will hang from the skylight at the Atrium Court structure.

  • WPTV

    'Sand tree', West Palm Littoral: 600-ton Christmas tree under construction ...

    WPTV - 11/25/13

    WEST PALM Careen, Fla. - When it comes to Christmas trees, you've got your pines, your spruces and your fir trees. But in West Palm Beach, there will soon be a tree made out of sand! Sunday was Day 2 for construction of a 600-ton fete "sand tree" at


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