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Congrats on your appealing new Android-powered device. Whether you’re an iOS veteran testing the Android waters with a Nexus 7 tablet or a non-techie that just ended up with a Samsung smartphone because that’s what the Verizon supply recommended, you’ve now joined the ranks of hundreds of millions of... You’ve probably already downloaded apps for Facebook and Cheep, something for music and photos, maybe a chat app. via www.ign.com

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    In the dining abide, rather than stripping off the six layers of wallpaper that covered the ceiling (“that would have created an awful mess”), they installed drywall — and in the handle, saved the decorative plaster medallion surrounding the

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    A New Android Proprietress's Guide to Gaming

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    More than enough are available, and for now there isn't a clear must-have option. It boils down to how much money you want to spend, how big and heavy the controller can be, and which games are reinforce. We're big fans of the MOGA. It's small, light, and feels


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