Npower Boiler Scrappage Device Launches |

The Npower boiler scrappage method allows you to get a £400 discount from a new boiler installed by them if you own boiler is more than 10 years old. The move which has already started is for boilers that are G rated and when the guidance scheme comes into operation in 2010 this would be an additional amount so you would qualify for a discount of £800. The npower scheme offers the mark down... via electricity prices

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    Enjoying a new dynamism-efficient boiler

    The Guardian - 10/07/13

    In June, his verve provider, npower, wrote to Hussain to tell him he could be entitled to a free boiler that could help reduce his energy bills under ECO, a tactic where the "big six" energy suppliers are legally obliged to provide support for low


    Is boiler dust-jacket really worth the price? - 10/18/13

    But Simon Stacey, managing concert-master of Energy Services at npower, which offers boiler cover from £9 a month, said: "It's accommodating to understand why home owners looking to save money can be reluctant to think about their boilers until something goes off the target


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